We provide the GGapp messenger for teamwork free of charge during testing until 31 of July 2024. After that date, we plan to introduce fees for teams of over 10 people, leaving a permanent 30 days of free testing for the small (S) and medium (M) packages.


10 GG accounts
  • 0 PLN

  • Create account
  • Free package, perfect for small private teams and micro-enterprises. Replace email communication with GG for teams.


  • Number of accounts (GG numbers)
  • Dedicated support
  • AI Assistant (chatbot)
  • File storage period
  • Pool of consistent GG numbers
  • Group and 1:1 audio-video conversations
  • File transfer
  • Contact list based on team structure
  • Administrator account
  • Ad publishing
  • Number of accounts (GG numbers): 10
  • Dedicated support:
  • AI Assistant:
  • File storage period: 3 months
  • Pool of consistent GG numbers:
  • Group and 1:1 audio-video conversations:
  • File transfer:
  • Contact list based on team structure:
  • Administrator account:
  • Ad publishing:
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