Messenger tailored to your team

Discuss your projects in private groups and organise contacts according to your company's organisational structure.

Komunikator GG telefon tablet mobile
Komunikator GG telefon tablet

Team always at hand

Chat on your phone and on your computer (desktop version).
You can also chat in your browser without installing an app.


Take GGApp with you

Create thematic groups, chat within your team, and navigate the company structure efficiently. Mobile versions of GGapp will soon be available for download from the links below:

GGapp messenger for mobile devices, available for Android and iOS.


GGapp for PC

Talk about projects, take part in discussions - GGapp straight on your computer.

Download GGapp for Windows, Mac OS X desktops.


GGapp in your browser

Stay connected with your team - wherever you are, without installing an app.

Sign in to Web GGapp

Chat conveniently via your browser.

Assign GG numbers

GGapp is based on a pool of GG numbers assigned to your company/team. At any time, you can also add GG numbers from outside the company network and chat with the entire GG community, clients, and people outside your team. The messenger is perfect for both business and personal use.

Download GG

Clear contact list

The contact list in GGapp shows your team's organisational structure. It allows you to navigate the organisation efficiently, see who works in which department, know who's available, and identify the best people to discuss joint projects with. The GGapp administrator can assign different access levels to each employee.

Download GG

Audio-video conversations

Show up at the meeting. Discuss work face-to-face. Join group video meetings. Sometimes it's quicker to talk through a task and look each other in the eye. See you on GGapp!

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Emotes, statuses, descriptions

GGapp is GG at its professional best. Enhance your conversations with iconic emoticons, set descriptions on your GG number, and manage availability statuses. Internal communication based on GG brings joy to every workday. Join the team!

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Project co-financed by the European Union, by the European Regional Development Fund, under Project RPZP.01.08.00-32-0020/19 entitled "Creation by Fintecom S.A. an innovative tool for separate communication in companies and organizations called GG App".

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